How much time do you need for set up & sound check? 

We need around an hour to setup and soundcheck. 

What are your standard performance times? 

We perform 2 sets of musicf rom 8pm-12am with a 30-40 minute break in between each set. 

I'm not sure what my timings are going to be yet, is there any flexibility on the standard timings? 

 We can definitely be flexible with the timings of our performance. Given sufficient notice, we can adjust our set times accordingly to suit you. 

Can I pick the songs that you'll play on the night? 

Of course! While we maintain discretion over the songs we perform and base it off of audience reaction, we love our clients to have as much input as possible when it comes to the setlist for the night! Given sufficient notice, we’re more than happy to play any requests you may have. Take a look at our song-list and let us know if you have any specific requests you’d like us to include (or not include!). As well as this, feel free to let us know if there are any songs you’d like us to play that aren’t on our song-list, and given enough notice we’ll happily learn your requests! 

Will you learn our first dance? 

Definitely! We require around 4weeks notice in order to learn your first dance to the best of our ability. We’re also more than happy to provide you with a recording prior to your big day if you wish to hear our live arrangement of your choice. We can also provide the option of playing the original recording of the song through our PA system if you’d prefer. 

Will the band provide background music during your break? 

Yes, we have a pre-made playlist which we can play through ourPA during our break. Alternatively, you can send us your own playlist and we can play that instead. 

My venue has a 1am license, do you offer an extension to keep the night going until then? 

For an additional fee, we can extend our performance to 1am. 

Which artists are you most influenced by? 

We’re in fluenced by a range of artistsf romTheBeatles and ABBA to Arctic Monkeys and Bruno Mars, meaning that our set lists cover a wide range of genres and styles, ensuring that there’s something for everyone! 

Can you provide a ceilidh set? If so, could you give us more information about this - how long does it last, what instruments do you play, can you call the dances for our guests? 

Yes, of course! We can provide up to 30 minutes of ceilidh. We use backing tracks played through the PA for our ceilidh and our lead singer, Tyla, will be on hand to call each of the dances for those who aren’t sure on what to do! We’re more than happy to take requests regarding which ceilidh dances you’d like included on the night, given sufficient notice. 

What do you think your clients love most about your performances? 

We always provide a high energy and enthusiastic performance to get everyone up and dancing, and our clients absolutely love our incorporation of saxophone into our setlist! As well as this, they tend to love our unique and varied setlist as we ensure to cover all bases, including all the classics as well as some unexpected bangers, making sure there’s something for everyone! 

Do you offer any other add-on options? 

There are a number of add-on options we can provide. These include performances during you ceremony or drinks receptions that can be made up of guitar vocals or even saxophone. Feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have and we can provide more information on the specifics of what we can offer. 

Is all of the equipment (e.g. PA & lighting) included in your quote? 

Yes! We provide all the equipment required for us to perform. 

Do you have PAT Cert & PLI Insurance? 

All our equipment is PAT tested and we havePLI insurance that covers up to £1 million. Documents can be provided upon request.